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„Complex challenges need customized solutions. Therefore, we regularly work together with TCI.“ 

Dr. Hubert Staudt, CEO, top itservices AG


top itservices AG

top itservices, leading  german IT & Engineering recuiting and HR service provider with 30 years of success. At ten locations in Germany top itservices AG is managing 700 projekt workers and provides access to 85.000 experts. Based on this, top itservices AG is able to identify trends in the IT services & engineering market and to provide top level experts.
TCI consultant support the business transformation process of top itservices AG since 2012.

project report​

20plus years of experience in global project business


20plus years of experience in global project business

Quarterly Review of the divisions in the board meeting: the chief controller reports: all client projects in the new field of business customer solutions soft negatively on their budgets and forecasts show no trend. The HR manager reported that none of the internal tender for project / in, both for client and internal IT projects that could be occupied as unskilled applications templates. The actually desired applications are failed because under their hands, nobody could imagine to build in his career by a project manager. The introduction of new processes and SAP implementation must therefore be postponed. Last explains the production manager that the release of the new production plant delayed because the necessary permits from the city were requested by the project too late and also the supplier delivered the wrong parts due to missing requirements.

This situation is not an uncommon scenario for entry TCI consultant. And so there is this also a proven approach, which is described below roughly. Phase 1 aims to identify the main options for short and medium elimination or reduction of deficits. The first step in this process is a structured rapid diagnosis, which operates the causes of these deficits out. Methods used are checklists, interviews, short-audits of operations or quality management documents, project plans, numbers and, if necessary, brief conversations with customers or suppliers. Practical results are a "sober" report, the policy options can be developed to the cause-effect chains by which. In our standard model for business transformation, we call this first phase "Envision". The present drought information can still not safe analysis. However, the following relationships confirmed:

• The relevant project planning was often made by sales representatives, on the one hand, underestimated the complexity of the project and expressed their worries of not reaching their target rate when ansetzten higher costs and prices
• The existing project managers had too much to do with crisis management and did not have enough time and opportunity to share their experiences with new projects in the distribution phase
• The management of the business unit, the originality and complexity of the project business had underestimated - it was so far grown very successfully in the product business.

In the 2nd phase of the identified options to work through planning more accurate and evaluated for their effect contribution relative to the use of resources (manpower or investment). The priorities of the fields of action and the coarse timing are determined together with the management. A so-called roadmap that takes into account the dependencies of the different storylines. The actual planning work will take place in conjunction with the key people responsible for this task fields. An important goal of participation, it is the service providers fully characterized (both content and emotionally) to mobilize (Phase 2 "Engage").

In our present case, the following priorities were identified:
• To professionalization of the procedure in the project business a customer project management was to develop manual, accurate and complete as far describes the processes of distribution through processing to decrease or hand-over in the company, which involved the roles and responsibilities in the processes roles and functions clarifies and defines the project control, control, governance and reporting requirements.
• Planning for the division was to be revised to take account of both the resulting situation into account and in particular provide a well-founded on the experience more realistic medium-term overall planning. This should in particular identify the apparent increase in expenditure for the professional management of the project business.
• In a communication and training program well over 80% of sales, project business professionals were on the new and more binding nature together trained to work and "sworn in". Involved were all the staff of Finance & Administration commercial, which were assigned to the project business.

• To the dilemma of unoccupied Project / indoor roles (PL) to solve was agreed with HR to check the positioning and compensation related to the PL and at least partially conform to higher requirements. Incurred in connection with the customer-PM-manual versions of the new customer-PL-role descriptions were used as basis. The requirements for these roles are more complex than those of the internal or technical PL, and indeed come to tasks such as sales support, customer contract negotiations, commercial / legal contract management, and much more.

In the 3rd phase ("transformation") established the program / project plans were implemented. As a result promotes the high motivation of the designated project manager and their cooperation and permanent vote turned out. They all had indeed a major task manager as lines. Since all projects had cross-sectoral nature, increasingly improved understanding among themselves what einzahlte to better cooperation in the projects. The most obvious one could observe that in the cross-functional training programs provided to the customer's application-PM-manual, in which the current real cases had to be handled in practical role-playing games. Some PMs and their projects were not accompanied in the subsequent months of a so-called PM-coach; this was a regular basis by the project teams to reflect specific situations, and in finding and implementing solutions to specific page.
The clear structured reporting and regular project languages ​​promoted the transparency of the projects with the effect that much more sober and more risks have been addressed and dealt with - it came as something of a deliberate and busy "peace" to the sources of fire.

With an official review this phase was completed formula, without the next round at the same time also usher in the "Optimize" phase. The course focused treatment of the topic also brought new insights and further suggestions for improvement. Among other things, it was suggested to promote project management as a pattern of leadership culture. Was planned revision of all management roles with respect to a clearer anchoring and professionalisation of project management, combined with a special leadership development module. Furthermore, it was decided to supplement the quality management to establish a compact enterprise project management office, so as to continuously increase the PM of the company. As an executive said: "The change will be a constant for us - we are driving change through our project ability".

Conclusion: Even if you find yourself only in some of the aspects of the company described: a conversation with TCI's worth it - we live projects!

Current Projects

CRM Migration with SCRUM​

Strategic decision to migrate the CRM system from Siebel to SAP.


Service request- and catalogue management

Portfolio Management

Implementation of strategic project portfolio 

Project Management Office (PMO)

King Abdullah Financial District and ICT-Industrial zone in Riyadh.

CRM Siebel Migration to SAP

Starting Point:
The leading German ICT Provider decided to change the CRM System from Siebel to SAP within 12 month. 
•  4.500 users (including  partners)
• 12 systems of business partners to be integrated
• Heterogeneous, international project team, variety of  stakeholders, applications and cultures
• first  SCRUM project for the client 

• Implementation of  SCRUM 
• Migration of all former Siebel functions in SAP
• Integration of  12 Partner systems based on SOA
• International training concept
• Redesign and optimization of contracts for the international application development and application management
• new application management-, operations- and  service model


Starting point:
Within this large Outsourcing project all network related services were transitioned, i.e. all standard  services are provided as managed services with a generic, manufacturer- and model-independent service definition. All order processes for new services including catalogue have been designed and implemented.

•    14 countries, 170.000 orders per year
•    Scope of services: WAN, LAN, Internet, RAS, Security, Office Telephony, Mobile, Conferencing, Collaboration, Call Center, Trading, Command & Control, Blackout Resistance, Email

•    Detailed planning and coordination of the project between customer, Operational Integrator (OI) und suppliers
•    Process design and implementation for Standard Requests, Non-Standard Requests und Project Requests
•    Definition, internal and external coordination and negotiation as well as detailed development of generic catalogue service items including multi-supplier articles 
•    Definition, internal and external coordination and negotiation as well as detailed development of Service Request Management (SRM) and catalogue management processes
•    Transformation of customer orders in production-ready orders for all identified production lines including assurance of billing

•    Generic services defined according to contractual obligations and implemented in the catalogue in time
•    Production lines, processes and triggers identified
•    International service delivery concepts defined
•    Tool architecture including migration roadmap designed

Project Portfolio Management

Starting point:
The large number of internal university projects requires a prioritization and efficient use of resources. So far there is no structured evaluation of proposals received and no transparent tracking of project progress
In addition to the portfolio approach for strategic projects and the other projects will follow the methodological approach in order to provide an optimal allocation of resources safely.

• 20 strategic Projects and 100 additional Projects

• Conceptualize a strategic project portfolio management (processes, decision criteria, tools, organization)
• Methods and tools for project application, processing, reporting, risc management
• Installation of an  expert team for  project work
• Conceptualize and pilot of change management process

Project Management Office of a Mega Project

In most Middle East countries large infrastructure development programs are in place. These nations take the opportunity to consequently build also most modern ICT infrastructures. A concrete example is the establishment of as well a world class financial district as well as suburban dedicated to ICT.

Even though the Telecom Operator had strong capabilities to plan and implement very large technical expansion programs for his core network it recognized the shortage of skills and experience to manage customer / investors driven large projects.

TCI was chosen to establish the Project Management Office and to contribute through consultancy that project critical principles were understood and applied. It also was chartered to develop the program strategy with high emphasis on the alignment of the enterprise’s business strategy with the next generation ICT technology.  Part of the team was then also fully responsible for the planning and control of the master schedule.

Benefits for the customer were not only that the highly complex program was managed well, but also that this project Office served as a living example for many other similar but smaller customer programs. A planned effect was also that the organization and many employees got the opportunity to “learn-by-doing” guided by TCI’s experienced consultants.

Establishing Customer Project Management

Restructuring at a leading Middle East Telecom Operator 

Establishing an Enterprise PMO

A leading North African Telecom Operator was facing upcoming competition 

Establishing Customer Project Management 

A leading Middle East Telecom Operator had restructured its overall organization with the objective to better serve certain market segments. One of the market facing business units (BU) had to focus on enterprise customers. One key challenge of this BU was to fulfill the rising customer demand for customized, integrated ICT solutions and services. The “old” organization was mainly focused on fulfilling mostly technical connectivity requirements.

TCI was chosen to help plan and implement the new service operations strategy, comprising a service portfolio including 
•    very technical product related classical connectivity services,
•    newly marketed value added services, and
•    new ICT project services.

Jointly with the new Management team a transformation program was planned and agreed. Major elements of this program were: refining the existing standard services processes with the goal of higher integration, efficiency and readiness for higher automation, the establishment of a Customer Projects Handbook, describing all relevant PM processes from selling through execution to hand-over to operation with roles and responsibilities cross-functionally, the set-up of much more customer and business oriented KPI’s, utilizing a modern integrated dashboard, and their integration into the job plans. Customized Learning programs for Managers and Project Managers plus transfer coaching laid the base for better organized work.

TCI’s very down-to-earth pragmatic approach helped managers and professionals to understand and apply the new processes and over time to develop a much better customer understanding and new way of interacting with customers. This led within a few months already to a significantly improved customer satisfaction and increasing retention business.

Establishing an Enterprise PMO for Customer Projects

A leading North African Telecom Operator was facing upcoming competition through deregulation and a rising demand for more integrated and customized service solutions in the enterprise business. The organization within the Operator were known to behave highly “silo”-centric which made it very hard to meet customer projects objectives. TCI was called in on Board-level to improve the Operator’s organizational capabilities for better customer projects results. 

TCI’s program proposal included  
•    the establishment of an Enterprise PMO directly reporting to one of the Board members with responsibilities such as PM Process ownership, PM capability planning, PM Learning programs and standardized Project reporting
•    the establishment of a Project Management handbook, which was made binding for parties contribution to customer projects
•    a PM Learning program as well for Line Managers as for Project Managers.

Accompanied by a set of cross-organization communication mechanisms like PM Community circles, PM Program Newsletter, Milestone events with strong attendance of Senior Management soon broke barriers between the organization boundaries and made it much easier for the Project Managers to achieve project milestones and objectives.


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