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Clear leadership and core values mean reliability and orientation for employees in change projects

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To lift a business transformation, the entire team is required.

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Managers and employees are competent designer of your change project

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„TCI successfully supported our transformation program.“



Gamma Service Group

"Safe handling of radioactivity worldwide" - this sentence phrasing the company's vision, was one of the results of a series of workshops conducted by TCI with the directors of the individual companies of the Gamma Service Group.

The portfolio of Gamma Service Group revolves around trading with radioactive sources, production and enrichment of isotopes, nuclear medicine equipment, processing of radiating materials, recycling of nuclear installations. There is a broad range of business models with multiple companies distributed throughout Germany and cross border.
One of the first tasks for TCI was to support the creation of a group identity (common mission and vision) and to evaluate options for more efficient cooperation and stronger positioning in the market. Furthermore starting points for a better usage of own resources by application of a „Shared Services“ approach had to be evaluated.

This was done based on a clear communication and participation process, involving transformation team, expert teams, manager workshops, all moderated and assisted by TCI.
Next task for TCI is to support the further development of the customer’s sales and market strategy, reorientation of the sales organization together with definition and implementation of appropriate processes, roles and responsibilities. 

project report​

Realignment of the service area of a network operator


Der Praxisbericht

A privatized network operator in the Middle East adapted its organizational structure to the new requirements and formed - with international practice - oriented to customer segments divisions. The customer service area had initially only the order to provide data services as a service to corporate clients. But soon it was realized that the corporate clients expect the completion of all services on this customer service organization. Together with the newly appointed General Manager following main challenges were identified:
• Expansion of service capacity for a broad service portfolio. The new portfolio should include fixed and mobile network-based voice and data services and value-added services for business customers.
• Development of abilities to plan customer projects, sell and manage the successful implementation
• Empower the customer service area to plan the services independently and actively
In small-group and individual discussions at the departmental level first plans for the future services and the necessary processes, roles and organizational options were developed and optimized in several iterations. The different aspects and interrelationships of these elements were deepened and sharpened. An important goal was to find out, what is indispensable for later implementation initiatives and capabilities. A rough version of the future strategy was developed.
Already at this early stage first implementation steps have been set up and started. Thus, the business area management could be demonstrated the benefits of the new strategy early on by practical intermediate results. Then, based on this experience, the first complete version of the strategy has been developed by the entire management team of the customer service area, which was released for implementation and management of the company.
A completely revised process, role and organization model. Hiring of new staff was approved and implemented gradually. The newly established customer service area now supplies a large part of the significantly expanded service portfolio and cooperation with other departments has been very positive. The range is a better customer requirements and customer satisfaction increases steadily.
Success factors
• A management that wanted change.
• Changed management team that designed the much more active planning and implementation of the transformation.
• An experienced team of consultants mediating, moderating and coaching.


Post-merger integration (PMI)

Implementation of an organizational blueprint

Balanced scorecard 

Performance Improvement with BC for a manufacturing company with 1.000 employees

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

The major scope of the project was the implementation of an organizational blueprint across all legal entities in Germany including the buyers’s subsidiaries and the acquired companies. The global blueprint for the PMI was predefined by the senior management of the buyer. The implementation of the new structural organization had to be completed within 6 months. 

Our client was an international ICT service company with more than 75,000 employees in total. The acquisition was the ICT subsidiary of a multinational company with headquarters in Germany. Post-merger integration in Germany was completed after 12 months.
Introduction of the restructured organization in all German parts of the company 
Identifying the management team for the new organization
Transfer of all employees in the new organizational structure
Mapping the new structure in the ICT systems (cost center, ...)
Definition and introduction of new roles and business processes for sales, presales and delivery
Six months after closing date the implementation of the new structural organization was completed for all legal entities (as far as required) including the transfer of the employees to the new departments, new management teams and the implementation of new cost center structure in ICT. After additional six months the implementation of new processes and roles in sales, presales and delivery was completed.

Strategy Management with Balanced-Scorecard

Stagnant sales, increasing competition, insecure employees, increasing price pressure, as well as inadequate rate of innovation required the hedging strategy implementation through the introduction of a balanced scorecard.
• Producer of building materials with about 1.000 employees
• Visioning process with the “dominant coalition”
• Values definition through multidisciplinary workshops across all levels
• Definition of financial and non-financial targets (KPI´s ) 
• Set-up of balanced scorecard
• Set-up of management commitment in terms of strategic alignment
• Communication and participation concept
• Cascading strategic targets to all business units
• Project Portfolio Management
• Balanced scorecard implementation as a strategy execution tool
• Commitment of management, employees and customer
• Corporate strategy realized in business life
• EBITDA increase by 15% within 2 years


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