TCI Network

Motivated – innovative - one team

How we work


honesty, respect and fairness lead us in comunication


trust will grow with every project 

successfully acting as one team​

deliver complex projects and consulting services as one stop shop


same level of experience, uniqueness,  authenticity is a good platform for working together

inquisitily and innovative​

We all surprise our customers every day with new good ideas.


An honest and open feedback on their own ideas is important. In TCI Network an open exchange is possible because we have the same interests and face similar challenges.

The TCI partnership thrives on mutual benefits everyone sees the partnership as a common task and introduced.

Our union in the network is significantly supported and strengthened by common values. The agreement to our code of values confirmed each TCI partner when joining the network.


With our customers we want to work in the long term and offer every customer our holistic transformation portfolio.

Within the network, we exchange within the practices of new market developments and develop our methods and procedures. This information is all TCI partners.

Absolute reliability to our customers and partners, keeping promises and confidentiality are essential for long-term cooperation.

Successfully acting as one team​

As a team, we can offer tenders and win, in which an individual consultant is not on the short list for the required knowledge or reasons of liability, even for complex projects and consultancy.

Here TCI provides the framework and the network for a suitable team, the skills required information, or partner with good contacts are found quickly to the customer. This opens up new perspectives and business ideas that one alone remained closed arise.

The network provides a powerful environment to which you can rely with confidence, even if you just have a bottleneck.


Often much time is used to clarify who is the better advisor and why. To ensure that no euro is earned.

At TCI Partners, we shall always assume that each partner is unique and has acquired and validated its broad transformation of knowledge into practice.

We need to show that nothing and simply have more time for professional exchange and search for exciting projects and consulting assignments.

Inquisitily and innovative​

Our customers know their own company with all its strengths and weaknesses well.

As experts in the transformation management, we are always looking for new solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. That's why at TCI Partners a variety of skills.

In team visionaries, engineers, project managers, inventors, controller, sellers, Change Manager, physicists, teachers and many other experts are united.

We all surprise our customers every day with new good ideas.


Why TCI-Partners work with TCI



Ron Geiger
„TCI steht für ein Netzwerk von Profis für Transformation“
Wolfgang Schnober
„Wir leben und wir lieben Veränderungen und wir leben und können Projekte“
Martin Adlung
„TCI ist ein Zusammenschluß von Partnern, der wie eine Firma funktioniert….
Renate Irena Mahr
„Das Besondere ist auf der einen Seite die Stabilität und Verbundenheit untereinander – auf der anderen Seite die Freiheit sich zu entfalten und zu gemeinsamen Zielen hinzuentwickeln“
Martin Bergmann
„Wir sind 300 Partner, jeder Partner hat 10 Referenzen und damit sind wir mit der deutschen Wirtschaft sehr eng verbunden“
Uwe Röhrig
„Nicht jede Methode und jedes Vorgehen paßt zu jedem Kunden – wir finden individuelle Lösungen...
Jochen Rüchardt:
„Mit dem Brand TCI kann ich komplexe & anspruchsvolle Projekte bei meinen Kunden gewinnen“
Georg Leppelmann:
"Ich halte das TCI Netzwerk für die beste, zukunftsorientierte Organisationsform in der Beratung."
Frank Olschewski:
„Networking- Networking- Networking in partnerschaftlicher Atmosphäre”
Ernst Kiel:
„TCI nimmt mir viele administrative Tätigkeiten, Verträge und Rechnungstellung ab und ich finde zu jedem Thema sehr gute Gesprächspartner“
Christiane McMahon:
„TCI halte ich für eine Unternehmensform der Zukunft“
Peter Mandos:
 „Ich bin bei TCI, weil ich mit der TCI an interessante, berufliche Inhalte herankomme und weil  ich dort viele Freunde habe.“
Tilo Schwarz:
„ Bei TCI finde ich nette Menschen, mit denen ich mich auf Business Ebene austauschen kann. Als selbständige Einzelperson bin ich Teil einer Familie und erlebe ein schönes Gemeinsamkeitsgefühl“
Walter Gerdes:
„ Ich sehe die Chance, daß die TCI in drei Jahren aus der breiten Masse der Beratungsunternehmen herausragt…
Monika Schmidt
„ es gibt keinen Stillstand. Es geht immer weiter. Die Leute, die hier zusammenarbeiten sind immer neugierig und wollen sich verbessern….

We are looking for:​

Professional situation​

You are an independent consultant or consider just the step to independence


You have at least 10 years experience in management of large companies


They bring considerable experience to one of our core issues


You are safe in communication in large companies and up to board level

Application process​

We want to work in the long term and take great care to find the right partner.

Professional situation

You are an independent consultant or consider just the step to independence

They have high self-motivation and fun challenges

You want your expertise in transformation projects in a network on a larger base

You want to get involved or push sales


You have at least 10 years of experience in the management of larger companies as a consultant or project management of transformation projects

You have several years experience in a market segment (automotive, ICT, Financial services, or in an international context)


They bring considerable experience to the themes of:
- Program and Project Management
- ICT transformation
- Business Transformation
- Change Management


You are safe in communication in large companies and up to board level

You can deal confidently with complex situations

You are viewing issues from a broad perspective and entrepreneurial

You know the hard and soft factors that contribute to the success of a project

The Application process

We want to work long term with our partners and therefore place great emphasis on finding the right partner.
In the first step, we clarify in at least two personal conversations, whether the mutual expectations and contributions to a mutual, equitable benefit match. This includes in particular your career goals, you have brought experience and contacts, and of course the personal beliefs and desires.

Only when we have found an approach to leverage each other-making scenario and have a positive feeling for the technical and cultural fit, we will continue the process.

In parallel, we are preparing the TCI partners documents and recording documents, which officially agree our collaboration, document the mutual commitment and lay the foundation for the future, joint marketing.

With the official activation as TCI partners of the partner next email account and access gets on the TCI Content System detected a long-standing partner TCI as a mentor to the side, helping him to find his way quickly and to make the right contacts.


Please contact any TCI Partner for more information and the way to get started with TCI.


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