TCI supports world class systems supplier to win a mega deal


Mid 2007 TCI was approached by an international aerospace and defense and communication systems supplier and asked to participate in the preparation of a proposal for a large and complex tender in a G-20 country outside Europe. The project was the development of the national frontier protection to prevent illegal border crossing and to protect the border and people. An important topic was to support the border patrol units not just with the best technical support but also the best organizational structure to identify special situations and be able to react appropriately. The country was looking for a fully integrated solution in terms of technology and organization.

It was to cover the following domains: management systems, intelligence services, monitoring and detection technologies, telecommunications, IT, organizational development and training. The customer, one of the world’s leading supplier of technological systems, was familiar with the product and system business. However, their experience with the solution business, where integrated organizational development and training of the relevant border patrol units is a key component, was not comprehensive. While adopting this part of the offer, TCI supported the customer in the transformation process to become a solution supplier and win the challenging suppliers‘ contest.

Through the Departments of Interior of 15 selected countries, the corresponding national product and system suppliers for security technologies had been requested to make their offer. The international competition ran for more than three years. The given budget covered several billion EUROS.


The original structure of the offer was designed bottom-up with a high degree of technological dominance and a heavy influence of the technological products and systems. With the involvement of TCI, this strategy was changed to a top-down approach.

With the support of international accepted experts a vision of how to compose the border patrol units was developed and transferred to a Concept of Operation – “CONOPS“. The CONOPS encompasses the targets, strategies, tactics, and procedures for border protection as well as all organizational and technical processes, roles, responsibilities, and interactions for guaranteeing the operative functioning.

The added value of TCI could be ascribed to

  • the introduction of the organizational development approach,
  • the complete training concept for over 25,000 participants,
  • the integration into the overall supply concept.

TCI experts also became involved outside the domain organization development and training: i.e. Integrated Logistic Support, Process Design Warehousing / Transportation, Business Intelligence, and the Architecture and System Design of the Oracle e-Business Suite.


Winning the multi-level bid invitation of our customer covering a volume of billions of EUROS

  • Building a „Center of Competence Organizational Development (CoC OD)“ with the customer
  • Transforming of the previous sales behavior to a future-oriented OD-supported solution business.

Success factors

  • Explicit experience-based expertise of TCI in the transformation business of marketing-oriented enterprise units
  • Many years of on-site experience with culture and business practices of the target country
  • Close cooperation of the TCI expert communities with their diverse professional and personal competencies.