Program and application management implementation with a large ICT service provider


In the course of further development of the business units, the integration of new units (also by large outsourcing projects), the reconstruction of the whole enterprise towards globalization, the focusing on new subjects a large ICT service provider was confronted with the necessity to better prioritize, control, and monitor internal projects. The matter encompassed more than 100 projects that had to be implemented with a value that totaled a three-digit millions volume each year.

In addition, TCI was awarded the contract from the same service provider to significantly cooperate in designing a professional, internal management system to control the complete life cycle of an application. More than 300 business critical applications were involved, of which 20 were considered „Key Applications“.


TCI Consultants were participating from the beginning in leading roles where important implementation steps were taken. Initially TCI was involved in developing the strategic concept for instituting a professional program management, then at the institution itself. A senior partner of TCI has been participating in tandem with an internal manager of the customer for some years as de facto interim manager in the operating line.

In detail, the TCI support comprised:

  • Introduction of a program, portfolio, and project management tool
  • Development of the program guidelines and the governance structures
  • Design of project monitoring and consistent reporting
  • Design and implementation of risk- and review management for the projects
  • As a substantial component of this transformation: intense development of the program communication to reach
  • sustainability

When introducing the application management the TCI consulting and support comprised:

  • Control of the transition of an application from the introduction (build phase) to the operation (run phase) • Control and management of new demands (change management)
  • Handling of incidents (problem and incident management)
  • Phase out / retirement of applications
  • Control of internal and external service providers for the applications
  • Structuring of stringent, uniform SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management
  • Introduction of a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) System
  • Monitoring the performance of applications (availability, pace, advantage)

The TCI Consultants were guided by their experience for many years in this field and especially by the ITIL Service Management method.


  • Improved transparency about the status of the project
  • Clear priority setting by intense project portfolio management
  • Early indication of problems by project risk management
  • Reduction of release cycles by integrated release management
  • Integration of all stakeholders by intense project communication
  • Showing that Application Life Cycle Management is possible
  • Clear agreement of service levels and key performance indicators of key applications
  • Transparency about incidents & problems
  • Systematical transfer procedure from the status project to operation and from operation to retirement.

Success factors

  • Experienced consultants, field-tested and with practical knowledge
  • Methodic approach based on standard practices
  • Joint and integrated approach
  • Management attention on the customers’ and TCI’s side
  • Flexible response to customer needs
  • Communicational strength.