Organizational units in enterprises are continuously subject to the demands of optimizing business processes and designing organizations as well as to implement improvements in productivity, processing time and quality. Historically enterprises have been content to only adapting existing structures instead of totally reconsidering them. The consequence of this approach has resulted in compromises that missed the required optimizing effect and only achieved the goals to a limited extent.

The idea behind process transformation is to design the business processes of an enterprise with a holistic view at employees, organization, and IT to further develop it. This management method not only deals with processes but also helps to test and critically scrutinize all divisions of the organization. The success of process transformation is primarily dependent on its acceptance by the managers and employees. To validate the achievement of objectives, the maturity stage of business processes implementation needs to be measured at periodic intervals.

TCI Manager Consultants provide consultancy in analysis. They identify improvement potentials, then start with a program for implementation and control of modifications in business processes that are critical to success.

TCI Manager Consultants are methodically strong and have experience in line and program management, e.g.:

  • Re-engineering processes across all sectors (Sourcing, Sales, Supply Chain Management, Product Lifecycle Management, HR, Quality, Compliance)
  • Re-engineering selected, sector-specific processes
  • Re-organizing / transforming organizational units including roles and responsibilities
  • Transforming the P&L responsibility along the sales- and delivery chain
  • With methods and instruments for process- and project management
  • With design and implementation of project and program management functions (PMO)
  • With design and structuring of large orders including reduction of risks as well as development along the Quality Gates
  • With development of organizational units to become a business partner (market view)
  • With the selection of management and employees, their integration and
  • development

In special cases we take over leadership in the company for the relevant project.