The communication industry is confronted with considerable changes in the business processes, technologies, new competitors, but simultaneously with new opportunities. In the same way the energy industry and energy supply face completely new challenges in respect of energy production and distribution, environmental protection, creation of renewable energy, new competition scenarios, new services, and new business models. Much of it is at a very early stage.

TCI is guided by these special challenges and the corresponding requirements of these industries. Support is given in the communication industry through services in consulting, project management, and implementation as follows:

  • Web 2.0, Mobile Business, Social Networking etc. in their effect on the business
  • New business models
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Network Management & Operational Support Systems
  • ERP-, Billing- & CRM-Application requirements

In the energy industry above all:

  • New requirements deriving from the new developments for energy suppliers, applicants, communication and service businesses
  • Significance of the renewable energy sources and the Smart Grid technology
  • Smart Metering implementation
  • Requirements and solutions for Home Automation / Intelligent Building / Ambient Assisted Living
  • Billing-, ERP-, CRM application requirements