The „ICT“ (Information and Communication Technology) or „TIMES“ Industries (Telecommunication, Internet/IT, Multimedia, Entertainment and Services) are increasingly exposed to a massive pressure of change. The former core businesses like fixed network telephony or data transmission have shrunk to “fl at rates”. New business units and models are merging with new competitors, such as Web 2.0, Internet, Entertainment or TVoverIP market.

The IT industry is increasingly merging with new service suppliers. The classic system integration or IT outsourcing business today is a standard with a high pressure of margin. The IT industry must face completely new challenges, such as Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Process-as-a-Service, Mobility and Social Media. Completely new service models are developing that force IT enterprises to be responsible for the core business of their customers.
IT becomes more and more important as an „active business enabler” as innovative technologies are influencing and enabling new business models. This implies that the IT costs (efficiency) are further reduced and that the reliability and improved process support (effectiveness) are increasing. Hence the IT is faced with the challenge to support the business transformation in line with demand and render it possible.

The energy business continues to merge with the ICT industry and has to confront new business challenges: integration of renewable energy sources and third party access for new competitors by establishing intelligent power networks (smart grid), new possibilities for the end user by intelligent electricity meters (smart meter) and intelligent buildings (smart home).