Our understanding of transformations is based on hundreds of years of experience taken together of all TCI consultants. The competence for the respective requirements for transformation is bundled in three practices.

Business Transformation

  • Strategy-, performance-, and organization development
  • Rehabilitation, turn around, „carve-out“
  • Growth- and integration management
  • Integral control of performance integrated with governance, quality- and risk management and compliance

Process Transformation

  • New or optimized organizational charters
  • New or adapted processes, roles, structures, and responsibilities; interface management
  • Selection of managers and employees, their integration and development
  • New methods and tools

ICT Transformation

  • Innovative, optimized business charters
  • Business development programs on the basis of innovative I&C technologies
  • Modernization of the internal ICT strategy
  • Professionalization of the application management
  • Innovative application of I&C technologies and the related services