TCI in Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Since its foundation in 2006 TCI is active in MENA. Main industry focus was Information and Communications market segment. Main customers have been Telecom Operators in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Meanwhile sales expanded into other countries. Actual topics are

  • Business Transformation, e.g. developing and implementing strategies for enterprise services. The “Enterprise transformation Cycle” method was successfully applied. Continuous work has contributed to
    • An improved understanding of which services to be sold and delivered to meet specific demands o A clear process model with defined roles and responsibilities
    • A new organizational structure which better supports the service delivery
    • Job and competence descriptions used to better qualify managers and employees
    • An enhanced management reporting based on the balance scorecard model
    • And more. 
  • Process Transformation, e.g.
    • Planning and implementing Customer Projects Management competence
    • Planning and introduction of Service Account Management for Key Account customers
    • Planning and implementation of Service Product Management.

As most countries in MENA are growing steadily above average TCI faces new opportunities. TCI

  • Has established in 2011 a 100% owned subsidiary in Saudi Arabia
  • Is doing business development in UAE and at the same time studying the feasibility to open up a subsidiary in the near future
  • Has started business development in Qatar.

TCI’s competence and experiences are asked for both from local mid-sized, mostly family-owned businesses to very large companies, as well as from international enterprises who either are entering these markets as well as established Internationals with specific demands. All of them are looking for a reliable, experienced and competent partner.