TCI Customer brochure

TCI customer brochure in German and English versions appeared.

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Profitable Projects Business

Doing a lot of work in the area of Project Management with internationally operating companies helped to gain a thorough understanding of typical pitfalls and their solutions in the area of Project Management, be it more internally focused or more focused towards doing projects as a business with customers.

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Risk Management in the Middle East Market

This executive summary contains the main points of a broader study on risk management of Western multinational enterprises in the Middle East market.
The study was conducted by TCI Associates in cooperation with Goethe-University Frankfurt. For more information or to request the detailed report, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Telecom Operators Volume Value

Since many years TCI Managing Partner Wolfgang Hellriegel is acting as a Trusted Advisor to C-Level Management at leading Telecom Groups in the MEA Region. In a White Paper released Feb 2013 he lays out his main findings and suggestions to the Telecom Operators challenge: “Developing Value Services capabilities in the Enterprise Business Segment”.

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TCI Services PM Projectexpertise

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