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Mannheim, 15.05.2016
The best consulting companies 2016 in Germany - TCI is one of them.

Some days ago the results of the sector reports over 15,000 consultancies in Germany were published by the...

The best consulting companies 2016 in Germany - TCI is one of them.

Some days ago the results of the sector reports over 15,000 consultancies in Germany were published by the business magazine brand eins. TCI is represented in the rankings of the best business consultant.

Supported by the leading polling and statistics Business Statista 1,400 partners and project manager of consulting companies and 1,300 executives of companies were surveyed, with which consultancy firms they work and which companies they would recommend.

TCI is among the best - after 2014 and 2015, 2016 ...

Munich, 02.10.2015
Successful Business Transformation by determining „Digital Readiness“

New Developments in technology such as Big Data or Cloud Computing do not only offer opportunities to optimize business...

Successful Business Transformation by determining „Digital Readiness“

New Developments in technology such as Big Data or Cloud Computing do not only offer opportunities to optimize business processes, they also make it possible to build new business models. By doing an analysis of a company’s „Digital Readiness“ the respective opportunities and impacts can be identified. It helps companies to recognize the key levers and to prioritize. Due to the variety of developments prioritization and focus is a key success factor.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation or in short “digitalization”. The Federal Government of Germany has picked-up this topic in its high-tech strategy. Before starting the transformation it is important to identify the achievable potential and to evaluate the deriving activities according to the impact on business. The analysis of „digital readiness“ is a useful complement to the portfolio of TCI, which is focusing on providing implementation support in the areas of Business and ICT Transformation as well as Project and Change Management.

There is a trend called „consumerization of IT“, which is important to be understood in this context. It basically means that technological trends in IT and Internet are used first by consumers and then are transferred to business processes (e.g. „bring-your-own-device“, social networks, chats, blogs, …). The drivers of IT innovations move from enterprises to consumers.

There are high expectations towards “digital transformation”, that IT will not only be used in a different way and more effectively. It is rather about designing new digital business models which can be successfully implemented and launched to the market. Take “predictive maintenance” for machines in production as an example: A lot of machine parameters are collected and transferred through a secure channel via the internet. If an application incorporating machine learning algorithms is detecting a state that threatens the machine to break, the maintenance teams can immediately visit the customer site and fix the machine before that happens. This will increase the operation time of machines, and therefore reduce production costs.

There is a prerequisite for successful transformation planning and implementation. This is a procedure that takes a holistic view at the customers’ business, before it identifies the relevant areas of action.

Within the TCI network of consultants we developed an approach to digital transformation which can also be applied as a “quick check”. Beyond the generic topics (vision, mission, targets, SWOT and the competitive environment) we look particularly at the “customer journey” - an important part of a success customer experience management - i.e. the contact points of a customer on its way to select and buy a particular product of a company. From that the relevant potential for a digital transformation can be identified. An ensuing modelling of the company through a capability model and the respective degree of digitalization supports the identification of concrete areas of action.


Munich, 01.10.2015
TCI and Strange Consult - a strong partnership for transformation projects

The financial sector (with banks, insurance companies and financial service providers) is - due to its transformation...

TCI and Strange Consult - a strong partnership for transformation projects

The financial sector (with banks, insurance companies and financial service providers) is - due to its transformation potential - an important market for high profile consulting and implementation services. TCI’s new cooperation partner Strange Consult, now also a member of TCI group, is complementing TCI’s transformation support capabilities by provisioning strong financial services expertise.

Actually Strange Consult is running some ten projects at diverse financial market customers, with a project duration up to three years, covering subject areas like

- Compliance, Risk & Security

- Sales Optimization and Control

- Strategic Positioning

- Integration & Migration

In partnership with strangeIT we are now able to approach the financial sector with a broader range of industry-specific capabilities. And we are already working together on further acquisitions in this sector.



Mannheim, 01.07.2016
TCI Partner Meeting, July 1st 2016, Mannheim and Schwetzingen Palace

All TCI Partners are invited to join our meeting in Mannheim, July 1st 2016. The celebration of the...

TCI Partner Meeting, July 1st 2016, Mannheim and Schwetzingen Palace

All TCI Partners are invited to join our meeting in Mannheim, July 1st 2016. The celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding TCI-Partners will take place in Schwetzingen Palace. Details on your personal invitation.

To join the TCI Partner Meeting as a guest, please contact our partners or recruiting@tci-partner.com.

Montabaur, 12.03.2016
TCI Partner Meeting, March, 12th 2016, Schloss Montabaur (DE)

All TCI Partners are invited to join our meeting in Montabaur, March 12th 2016. To join us as a guest,...

TCI Partner Meeting, March, 12th 2016, Schloss Montabaur (DE)

All TCI Partners are invited to join our meeting in Montabaur, March 12th 2016. To join us as a guest, please contact our partners or recruiting@tci-partner.com.

Main topic is our consulting approach for Digital Transformation and Business 4.0.


We are transformation experts and solved most issues more than once.

TCI Facts

We will have to get used to it: The state of change is a permanent condition for companies. The globalization of commodity, financial and information flows, business combinations, demographic change, innovation and the digitization of processes in production, sales, logistics and administration require constant adjustments to strategy, processes and organization. Owners, employees, customers, suppliers and managers must be involved in these changes and implement them. Fundamental changes in the business we call business transformation.

Standstill does not exist and the time window to reflect and experiment becomes shorter and shorter. This means a business transformation projects to be implemented in less time and with established teams. Frequently transformation experience is limited, and rarely in sufficient numbers in their own companies available.

TCI provides you with an experienced consultant, project manager, interim manager or established teams to implement your transformation projects and offers:

Experience have the TCI partners acquired about average 20 years in managerial and executive positions as Managing Director, Senior Vice President, CIO's, senior consultants in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT), plant and machinery, automotive, manufacturing, energy, health, chemical industry, banks and insurance companies.

Extensive experience in a responsible roles in global transformation projects in the DAX, MDAX, S & P companies in the areas of strategy and business development, sales, purchasing, project management, service, human resources and information technology make the difference for your project. We like short- or long-term commitments abroad.


Systematic and proactive development of our methods, industry and professional skills in 4 practices to ensure that our customers receive the best possible TCI answers to their questions and a strong partner in change processes at their side. In our practices current market trends are analyzed, evaluated and passed on to our customers as recommendations.


TCI as contractor takes over responsible for promised results and the fulfillment of the promise of all partners involved.

The TCI Enterprise Transformation Cycle (ETC) was developed from the transformation experience of everyday life and is constantly extended by new experiences. With more than 200 guiding questions in 4 topic areas, the ETC allows an effective start into your transformation project.

Contact us for an exchange of information.

Our Practices

Four teams constantly develop our methods and capabilities, evaluate trends and provide guidance to our customers.

Business Transformation

Manage transformation
Lean processes
Governance & Compliance

ICT Transformation

Service Management
Performance Management

Project Management
Change Management

Your Function

What is your responsibility within the company?
We find solutions and assist you in implementing the changes in your area.

Who we are

"We live and love changes. We love and live projects."
Wolfgang Schnober, Managing Director TCI

TCI Partners

We are a group of independent, autonomous and practical experienced partners. The structure of TCI guarantees our customers at the same time a high degree of reliability and commitment in fulfilling our promise. Systematic and proactive development of our methodologies and industry expertise in our communities of experts ensures that our customers receive the best possible answers to their questions and thus state of the art support for future business challenges.

Dr. Walter Gerdes


Critical to own success will be the contributions to the success of the customer.


TCI Advisory Council and Managing Partner, responsible for business-, process- and IT transformation.

20 plus years of experience with responsibilities in operating assets and general management of large IT service providers. International management experience (6 years in the USA).

Since 2002 consultant for executives in large companies for strategic projects.


Support of complex business transformations from planning to implementation. Fitting of the IT alignment in the corporate strategy.

+49 171 228 2972

Frank Dobritz


A goal without a plan is just a wish. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for ICT Carve-Out, Digital Transformation and cooperations.

20 years of experience as an executive in the IT and communications industry as VP Strategy and Global Programs, VP Business Transformation and Head of Information Systems Management Consulting.


Business Transformation, International, M&A, Post-merger integration, strategy, governance & compliance, sourcing, marketing & communication, organizational development

+49 171 4314401

Peter Steinhoff


The inclusion of company-specific values and standards are a key success factor in transformation projects.


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for the practice Business Transformation, Key Account Manager.

Since 2009 TCI consultant in DACH, India and middle east.

15 years line responsibilities as CFO, Head of Strategic Corporate Controlling, Post-merger integration, carve-out programs.

Study of the cultural industries at the Universities of Passau, Charleston and Quito and communications technology.


complex transformation projects in Finance, Controlling, Performance Management,  Accounting, IT, M&A, Post-merger integration, Carve Out, business development and growth strategies for India. 

+49 621 4960840

Martin Bergmann


Strong experience in transformations ensures success.


TCI Advisory Council and Managing Partner, responsible for partner management and business development for large customers.

Degree in economics and computer science. Structural and process organization (automobile company). Business Process Development (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft). Development of an IT Management Consulting (Technology Group)

Strong understanding of organizational development. Sense of long-term staff development and promotion. Holistic view of project management.
High sensitivity to transformation management. Entrepreneurial and sustainable thinking and action. Tackling complex tasks. Risk-aware management responsibility. Conduct extensive international transformation projects.

+49 171 2228839

Uwe Fischer


No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that we created them. Albert Einstein.


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for the practice project management.

Over 20 years of experience as an executive in the process and information management as well as internationally as a management consultant for process and organizational development for industrial companies.

Independent consultant since 2003 with a focus on project and program management, facilitation of stakeholders, monitoring and development of project managers and executives. Current focus: Transformation in small and medium-sized businesses, increase profitability with projects, interim management.

+49 621 496084-0

Patrick Mueller


Transformation is successful if processes, methods, IT and the people involved are equally taken into account.


TCI Business Development Partner focussed on Product Lifecycle Management and Industry 4.0.

20 years of experience in the field of PDM / PLM consulting. Leadership and senior management positions at management consultancies in SAP / PLM business. Independent consultant since 2014.

Project management and consultancy in the fields of product lifecycle management, variant management and configuration, engineering change management, integration of product development and process chain electrics / electronics, industrial 4.0.

+49 152 043 03 868

Dr. Helmut Schäfer


Actions speak louder than words. (Erich Kästner)


TCI Business Development Partner, responsible for “efficient project organization”.

Over 20 years of experience as an executive in research and industry in the areas of CAD/CAM technology, engineering and project management.

Independent consultant, trainer and coach since 2005 with a focus on project, process and change management

Enhancing the core competences project, program and portfolio management

Integration of project and process management

Implementation of project management offices (PMO)

Development of company-specific training programs

Coaching of project managers and project teams

+49 160 3667902

Wolfgang Schnober


Manage complex IT projects and business transformations successfully; bring people and technical changes together.


Managing Director TCI, responsible for the practice ICT Transformation

Independent consultant since 1998 - acting in the role of program manager or interim CIO. Senior expert in global IT and telecommunications industry (including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Hungary, Switzerland) and manufacturing industry.

Before 1998 20 years of experience in line management of various large and IT companies.


Complex infrastructure and / or IT projects, organizational development, realignment / reorganization of enterprises

+49 621 496084-0

Dr. Stefan H. Vieweg


Gelingende Beziehungen und faktenbasierte professionelle Umsetzung sind wesentlich für die erfolgreiche Transformation.


TCI Business Development Partner, verantwortlich für Business Development.

Über 20 Jahre operative Führungserfahrung, u.a. Einsätze in CHN, FRA, GRB, IND, RUS, USA  als Geschäftsführer, CFO, CRO, Aufsichtsrat, Programm-/ Projektleiter, Management Berater und Interim Manager.

Promovierter Maschinenbau-Ingenieur (Luft- und Raumfahrt) und Wirtschaftsingenieur, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Systemischer Change Manager (TÜV-zertifiziert).
Professor für Unternehmensführung und Leiter eines internationalen MBA-Programms, Direktor eines Instituts für Compliance und Corporate Governance.


Business Unit Aufbau, Carve Out, M&A, Restrukturierung, Turnaround

Compliance & Corporate Governance / CSR

Controlling, Finanzanalysen, Cash Collection, Working Capital Management, Corporate Finance insbesondere Leasing

Right-Sourcing, Shared Service Centers, BPO, Lean Management, ERP-gestützte Prozess-Optimierung

Komplementäre, ganzheitlich-systemische Unterstützung von Verbesserungsprozesse, Training von Change Agents, Entwicklung von Trainingsprogrammen

+49 621 4960840

Michael Rohde


„The greatest honor that you can do to a man , is that you have confidence in him.“


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for the market financial sector and managing director of Strange Consult GmbH.

More than 25 years experience in management consulting as CxO. CIO of a financial institution, Principal partner for financial sector/ banking, Program manager/ representative aerospace/ transportation/ AI systems


Strategic projects in the environment of IT, of business sectors and regulatoric

Transformation manager for IT management-, X-sourcing- and organizational projects

Auditing of areas for growing of efficiency and effectiveness

Review partner and quality manager for the top-management

+49 176 82343346

Ronald Geiger


Transformation of organizations and networking enterprises. 


Managing Director TCI, responsible for partner management, business development and sales.

10 years management consultant with a focus on strategy, transformation- & change management, managing an international management consulting, Board member IT Service Company, CIO and Head of group productivity.

Consultant, entrepreneur and investor since 2011


B2B Development, Start-up Coaching, Group- and Department Strategies, Business- & IT Transformation, Technologie- and IT Strategy, globale productivity programs, Post- merger Integration, Change Management.

+49 170 9126422

TCI Network

I work with TCI, because I want to conquer the market for business transformation and change management with the reliable and experienced colleagues, which I found at TCI."

Christiane Richter, TCI Partner